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Information First Fourcast Final Routine 2017
Posted by: admin - 30-10-2017, 08:41 PM - Forum: Prizebond Formula & Routines - No Replies

Routine 2670 Say Start Karen
26(70)89 = 7+0 = 723 Open
2670(8)9 = 8+2 = 0 Home 5
2(6)70(8)9 = 6+8 = 5 bakaya 5-2 = 3 9 center
2(6)7089 = 6+3 = 9 4 4th
First Fourcast Pass 3599
35(99)78 = 9+9 = 945 Open
3599(7)8 = 7+2 =
9 Home 4 Close
3(5)99(7)8 = 5+7 = 3 bakaya 7-2 = 5 1 center
3(5)9978 = 5+3 = 8 3 4th
First Fourcast Pass 9458
94(58)95 = 5+8 = 490 Open
9458(9)5 = 9+2 =
1 Home 6 Close
9(4)58(9)5 = 4+9 = 4 bakaya 6-2 = 4 0 center
9(4)5895 = 4+3 = 7 2 4th figure
First Fourcast Pass 9602 960247
96(02)47 = 0+2 = 278 Open
9602(4)7 = 4+2 = 6 Home 1 Close
9(6)02(4)7 = 6+4 = 1 bakaya 9-2 = 7 3 center
9(6)0247 = 6+3 = 9 4 4th figure
First Akray
First Tendolay
4th Figure 4 9

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Information Prize bond 7500 Draw Formula 2017
Posted by: admin - 30-10-2017, 08:39 PM - Forum: Prizebond Formula & Routines - No Replies

Prize bond 7500 Draw Formula And Best Working Routines 2017.
First Back Akra routine 3599 Say Start
35 X 88841 X=End = 9668(58)(60)
First Back Akray
First Pass
94 X 88841 X=End = 6974(01)(02)
First Back Akray
First Pass 96(02)
96 X 88841 X=End = 7273(93)(37)
First Back Akray

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Information Bond 7500 Final Routines
Posted by: admin - 30-10-2017, 08:36 PM - Forum: Prizebond Formula & Routines - No Replies

First Akra Tendola
routine 3599 sy start
359 X 38542 = 4 Time Jazar = 2.(794)56(5)5
First Tendolay
First Pass
945 X 38542 = 4 Time Jazar
= 2.(968)83(0)3
First Akray
First Tendolay
960 X 38542 = 4 Time Jazar = 2.(971)75(3)9
For P.B 7500 Quetta
First Tendolay

Draw 7500 Routine No.2
Akra routine 2670 sy start
Figure ka home aur cross
26 X 6698 X=End =
First Akray
First Pass 359
35 X 6698
X=End = 5(49)57424
First Akray
First Pass 945
94 X 6698 X=End =
First Akray
First Pass 960
96 X 6698
X=End = 4(13)45928
For P.B 7500 Quetta

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Information How To Win Bond 7500
Posted by: admin - 30-10-2017, 08:33 PM - Forum: Prizebond Formula & Routines - No Replies

Learn Online Pakistani Prizebond Formula And Routine Luckey Prizebond Draw 7500.

Bond Number 7500 City Quetta.

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Information 750 Prize bond Draw Result
Posted by: admin - 29-10-2017, 08:33 PM - Forum: Prizebond Results - No Replies

Prize Bond List 750 /-

Date: 16-10-2017
1 Prize(s) of Rs.1500,000-/
2nd Prize(s) of Rs.500,000/- 


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Information jabalnoor.com
Posted by: admin - 29-10-2017, 08:28 PM - Forum: Submit Your Link - No Replies

Astrology Services in Pakistan, Hafiz Noor Mohammad Official Website, Jabal Noor Dot Com Best Astrology Information Website.
Jabal Noor Online Services :

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Information Taweez For Love In Pakistan
Posted by: admin - 29-10-2017, 08:22 PM - Forum: Submit Your Article - No Replies

The knowledge of Tails for love or Taweez for love is not easy like that someone take some tails from some book or internet for tails for love and doing wait for that when it will going to starts work, but in real this is not possible as anyone could do this work without any knowledge. Than he worried that why it does not start working and in the last he became disappointed.
This is not a right way for tails, there is a regular and authentic way for tails that you should learn it from an experienced aged person, who has complete knowledge of Taweez and should know how to write a taweez than you will be able to write a taweez for love. The Peer has full knowledge of Taweezat for love, He is an experienced person and working in this field since last 10 years to write Taweez for Love. 

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Information Online Taweez In Pakistan
Posted by: admin - 29-10-2017, 08:20 PM - Forum: Submit Your Article - No Replies

You must have heard the term 'Taweez' but do you really know what they are? Taweez mean magic, and there are different types of online Taweez that are used or maintained for different purposes. Various types of taweez are used for different types of problems, concerns or problems that may be the same. Muslims use taweeze, which are verses from the Quran written on papers or other materials, and usually uses ink or saffron to write the Taweez.
There are different types of online Taweez, every taweez play its role in different aspects. For example “Taweez for Love, Taveez for Love Marriage, Taweezat for Husband and Wife Depicts, Taweez for successful Business etc.” these are the most known Taweezat in the 21st century.  The key elements of taweezat are Earth, Fire, Water and Air.
The Peer sahib is the master of every kind of Taweezs, just you have to describe your problem in precise manner.

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  Vimax in Pakistan
Posted by: admin - 29-10-2017, 08:18 PM - Forum: Submit Your Article - No Replies

What’s this article is about? 
This article is about Vimax which is sold in the form of Vimax pills and how Vimax in Pakistan can change lives of those who suffer from Sexual dissatisfaction. There was a huge need of Vimax Pills in Pakistan as many people are not satisfied with their sexual life whether men or women.
Male penis enlargement pills are in great demand among men who are unhappy with their size or who just want to improve their performance in bed. Having frequent or occasional episodes of premature ejaculation or having problems getting an erection could seriously affect the relationship and confidence of people involved.

What is Vimax?
It's a natural product sold in the form of pills with more than 11 successful years on marketplace. The popular for its effective treatment to premature ejaculation, less than ideal penile size, low sexual performance. Vimax penis enhancement pills makes use of natural ingredients that improve the health of male reproductive system, treat the erectile dysfunction and improve the overall health as well.

How Vimax Pills work?
Vimax pills main focus is on improving the circulation of blood inside your body, which makes your blood to flow more easily to the penis when it needs to achieve an erection. The blood vessels dilate from the ingredients, which is the effect that is responsible for the blood flow improvement.
Vimax is one of the natural erectile dysfunction remedies that have the ability to produce effects similar to Viagra. However, natural remedies don’t need a prescription. When it comes to male enhancement, we believe the best way to go is the natural way.

You can take Vimax Pills in case of:
  • Less sexual desire
  • Damaged/ low self-esteem
  • Not having ideal erection size
  • Premature ejaculation
  • And low Endurance

The Benefits of Vimax Pills:
  • Sexual stamina and performance gets better
  • A considerable raise in sex drive
  • Naturally elevates energy levels 
  • Testosterone levels gets a boosts
  • Help to achieve an erection

Size Effects and Precautions?
The compounds included in the formula are clinically tested, fully natural and safe. If taken as recommended, it should not cause any negative side effects. Furthermore, besides the results and desired enlargement in penis, it also improves the health of reproductive system and their overall health as well.
If you consider taking these pills and you are already under medication, you should seek the advice of your doctor before taking this product.

Why Vimax?
Vimax Pills are natural and herbal, which means that there is no side effects and the results are sure. The primary function of Vimax Pills to in the enlargement of penis length ; it provides support to have control over oneself and avail better results, desirable intimacy for you and the partner. It increases our sexual desire. 
Over 1,000,000 men worldwide have bought Vimax, since 2001. From the numerous customer reviews, it can be said about Vimax pills are trusted by men around the world for its great safety and effectiveness.
Before going for Vimax, men had trouble with not having proper erections and also they couldn’t maintain it, they were unhappy with their size and confidence was quite damaged, but after following 6 months of treatment with Vimax pills, allot has changed.

Keywords: Vimax, Vimax in Pakistan, Vimax Pills

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Lightbulb YouTube Videos Advertisement On Facebook
Posted by: admin - 17-10-2017, 06:25 PM - Forum: Social Media Marketing - No Replies

Join Facebook Groups Only For You Tube Channels And Videos, Share your youtube channel videos links in facebook groups and get more views on your Youtube Videos.
Youtube Videos Advertisement Groups On Facebook Join Now.
Youtube Videos Advertisement Websites And Groups Links List.


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