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Solution of nightmares according to Islam - Sadia Butt - 24-04-2018

Today our wazifa is based on scary dreams or unrestful sleep. There are three QUL-SHAREEF which you need to recite. And With the blessing of ALLAH Almighty who ever do this wazifa with the strong faith in heart will resolve this problem.
How to do wazifa
Recite three (3) QUL-SHAREEF which are:
  • Surah-e-Ikhlaas
  • Surah-e-Falak
  • Surah-e-Naas
Recite these Qul Shareef three (3) times every night with before and after Darood-E-Pak. Please make sure do it properly. For further detail watch the video carefully. Where these SURAH’S also mentioned, please make sure that your pronunciation is clear.
Special wazifa for good night sleeps
Recite “YA-MUTAKABIRU” (The Superior, The Majestic), twenty-one (21) times and recite one-time Darood-E-Pak before and after wazifa. Do it daily before sleep IN SHA ALLAH you sleep well and feel comfortable too.
Note: Please remember us in your prayers. Thank You!